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Things You Did Not Know About Neon Signs

While many people tend to know about neon lights, very few people know how they work. One would need to note that it takes a lot of work to shape a neon light. One may need to note that each electrode on each end is filled with either argon or neon gas and how the blowtorches are used to heat the glass tubes, how they are bent and how they are sealed into colorful designs. One may need to read on to know some facts about neon lights.

Neon lights tend to have their France as their place of origin and were invented in 1902. One may also need to note that the process of making neon signs is purely through hands. One would also need to note that it tends to call a great deal of experience, skill, precision and eye hand coordination to bend glass tubes to the desired output. Even when one is bending glass, it is essential to note that the glass is still prone to breaking and hence the need to be very careful. One may need to note that the only thing that changes in the creation of neon signs include sizes, colors used and the shape but the process has not changed an inch.

One may also need to remember that neon signs tend to be visible even through fog. While fog should be avoided as much as possible, in an airport scenario it cannot be avoided. One may need to note that neon lights tend to be used in advertising and fun but tends to be very important in airports. In a case where neon lights are used in the airport, they are used to make sure that the path is clear even when there is fog.

It is also essential to note that neon signs tend to be sculpted. One would need to note that neon tubes are initially straight and then they are curved. It is then subjected to intense heating and then curved to the intended shape. During the shaping of the pipes, there is need for accuracy, proper timing and precision to avoid breaking as well as acquisition of the right shape. It may be essential for one to note that for something attractive and unique to the eyes, it may call for professional neon sign makers.

Brightness tends to be one of the most basic aspect of the neon lights. The best thing about neon lights is that they tend to be visible during both day and night. The energy rendered tends to be intense and hence emit intense light something that makes neon signs very bright and visible during both day and night making neon light one of the best type of advertisement lighting.

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