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Pamper Your Vehicle through Car Washing and Auto Detailing Services

A car owner should know on how to make his or her old car looks like brand new and this is through auto detailing, a procedure that is not the same as car washing. The cleaning of the car when you have it auto detailing would involve cleaning its inside and out, which would involve polishing, waxing, cleaning of the interior and exterior, and also removing stains and debris of the car.

To start the exterior auto detailing, dirt and dust will be removed from the rims and wheels of your vehicle to make them clean. Afterwards, the detailers will further proceed in treating sidewalls and polishing rims, treating windows with rain repellent, cleaning of engine with the use of steam or degreasers, cleaning of the lights, and polishing of the underside of rails and hood.

When doing the interior detailing of your vehicle, detailers will thorough vacuum the inside of your car including mats and upholstery, where based on the condition of your automobile, they will use various products. Detailers can use rug shampoo, spot cleaners, and upholstery foam cleaner, and for cloth seats, a wet/dry vacuum will also be done to help remove the stains.

The console, dashboard and door panel trim will also be cleaned by treating them with conditioner that will keep vinyl pliable, and these are included in the auto detailing interior of your car. Detailers will continue to clean the heater and air conditioning vents with Q-tips and all interior glass will be washed and cleaned to make sure that no film or streaking will appear.

Depending on the size of your car, the package you chose, and if you gave specification of the conditioner, the cost of auto detailing could range from $100 to $275.

Car washing is easier as it involves only washing the interior and exterior of the car, and there are many shops that can conduct this procedure rather than the car owner doing it himself or herself. Although, for some car owners who does not have the time to bring their car to a service center, they can use a vehicle wash facilities where it is self-service and you just have to insert a coin in the machine to gain access to their utensils and wash the car yourself.

You have actually choices of having your car washed by hand or by automated machines. Another car wash facility is considered as the fastest car wash services available, where while you are driving through it, your car will be moved back and forth while water and foam are sprayed on your car, and when your car comes out from the other end, it is already shining clean.

Just remember that car washing and auto detailing would be best for your car by seeking professionals who will use commercial grade pressure washing and power washing equipment, which are available nowadays.

Why People Think Detailing Are A Good Idea

Why People Think Detailing Are A Good Idea