Modular Sofas: the Perfect Home Furnishing Regardless of Space

Several centuries ago, sofas were reserved for society’s elite. Over the years, though, they’ve made their way into virtually every home. Styles, designs, and sizes vary widely depending on needs, available space, and personal preference. Obviously, not all models are right for all homes. That being said, one option offers quite a few more advantages than others are able to boast.

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas, or sectionals as they’re sometimes called, come in a variety of sections. Most consist of right and left corner sections and extensions of different lengths. They can be set up in a number arrangements to fit specific spaces, or they can be divided and used in different areas.

Benefits of Sectional Sofas

Many people believe modular sofas are designed solely for larger homes. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. While they do accommodate sizable rooms nicely, they can also serve smaller spaces just as well. They offer a number of benefits regardless of the square footage available.

  • Flexibility: Modular sofas are commonly seen in a corner arrangement, meaning they extend across two adjoining walls while also offering a corner section for extra seating. Of course, this isn’t the only option. They can be divided into separate sofas and love seats for a more classic setup or separated into a lengthy sofa and a standalone corner chair.
  • Mobility: For those with limited space, modular sofas aren’t necessarily out of the question. Since they’re built in sections, each of which is fully functional on its own, they can also be divided among separate rooms. Use a lengthier section as a sofa in the family room and place a smaller one in a bedroom. Shorten the sofa itself and use the ottoman extension elsewhere in the home. It’s truly a matter of user’s choice.
  • Freedom: Traditional sofas, loveseats, chairs, and chaise lounges are what they are. Purchasing them comes with a commitment, and change means investing in an entirely new set of furniture. Sectionals can easily be rearranged as needed and put back into place just as simply.
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Modular sofas offer a great deal of versatility and can fit in virtually any space or combination of them as the case may be. Change the setup as desired and save money on additional home furnishings via this single option. Visit the Facebook page for Sofamania for more details on the various styles and designs available.