The Art of Mastering Bail

Facts about Bail Bonds.

It’s not impossible to find yourself accused of a crime, in such a situation your priority should be how to avoid spending some time in jail before you can be presented before a judge. You are guilt if it is verified that you committed the crime, before all that can be done you could avoid spending any time in a jail if you make bail. When you are set free to appear to court at a later date the judge will need you to deliver some guarantee that you will be present on the day of trial. This agreement is known as a bail bond and it can be in form of a property, cash, signature bond or secured bond. Should the accused fail to show up on the day of trial, the court will go ahead and confiscate the bond and issue an arrest warrant of the accused.

To issue the bond, several things are taken into consideration and sometimes if those factors work against the accused, they may be denied bond. The first thing a judge will look at will be the criminal history of the accused, if there is a criminal record before then it’s a possibility that the bail could be set higher than what would likely be given. The higher the intensity of the crime the higher the bail amount could be. The amount will be set higher when the judge assumes that the defendant might not show at the court.

If you don’t have the amount of bail you will turn to a bondsman who is a guarantor and pledges the money or the property on behalf of the accused. But before the bondsman can post your bail they will need some security from you which could be something that carries value enough to be used as collateral. Banks and insurance companies have been known to act as guarantors for bail but they are reluctant with it because the risk associated with bail could be great. Bonds man will work with haste to see to it that you are released, they are out to serve their defendant clients and you can be sure they will deliver.

When looking for a bail company to help you out you need to ensure that they are licensed, that way you can expect some good results. Its normal for the companies to know more about you and in this case they will ask questions to see if you have the assets to provide collateral. But you need to know that being in jail you cannot search for the bail agent, your family will do it for you or friends that you can entrust. With the bail posted you will be free in a short time.

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