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Today, there are so many shows we can watch on TV dealing with home improvement and interior design services. But there are those who are confused on the difference between interior design and interior decorating. If someone is an interior designer, then he can also expand his business to interior decorating. But an interior decorator is not skilled or licensed to practice interior design. This difference is one of the most essential. An interior designer has a broader education and base of service than a simple interior decorator. Here are some basic differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator, but mostly focusing on interior design.

If you are an interior design professional, then you must have finished college and have at least two years post graduate experience. The design of the interior of a building is planned by the interior designer. They are tasked to create the interior design. With the help of a blueprint, interior designers can design the compartments of a room. What they design is the openness and divisions of a room space. They determine what the inside of a building will look like from a structural point of view. So, if they look at the floor plan of a home, they would see the details and all the aspects of the interior space. In a given space, they will know where a door should be and where to place the various rooms. They see dividers and walls of the home in the drawing. They are able to visualize rooms ideal for the kitchen, bathrooms, and for closet space. It is in the mind that the interior designer firs creates the plan of the home when tasked to do the interiors of a home.

Interior designers are also able to plan the interior of a commercial space. If a commercial space like office buildings, banks, retail stores, museums and others need a plan for the space and division, an interior designer can provide it for them. A commercial interior designer should also have years of formal education. They must understand aspects of building materials, blueprinting, building codes, and other aspects of planning and creating an interior. The important thing is that they make a safe design and one that is according to local building codes. Building codes are enforced to ensure the safety of people living in homes and entering commercial buildings. When someone is training for a career in interior design services, all these will be learned.

It is possible for an interior designer to offer interior decorating services. The interior decorator does not need formal education, although there are certification classes that teach the aspect of design theory. An interior decorator does not touch the home structure but the main concern is to decorate the home. What they do is given advice on color schemes, furnishings, and fixtures.

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