Tips For Choosing The Best Outdoor Furniture

Spending more time outdoors is healthy and refreshing, and most people need to breathe more fresh air every day. Adding outdoor furniture is a great way to take advantage of outdoor space. The right furniture increases space for living and entertaining. The following are a few tips for choosing the best outdoor furniture.

Consider Storage

While outdoor furniture is designed to be exposed to weather, most people protect their furniture by storing it during very cold and rainy periods. In addition, some furniture parts, like cushions, should always be stored in a dry place when not in use. Therefore when choosing outdoor furniture, consider storage space. Stackable chairs are good idea, as is furniture that collapses.

Consider Weather

It’s a good idea to choose outdoor furniture based on local weather patterns. For areas that get a lot of rain or have high humidity, it’s important to choose waterproof cushions that will not grow mold or become brittle. In windy areas, people should avoid lightweight furniture that is easily blown away. Wood is a good material for furniture that needs to stay in place. Some plastic pieces are constructed with wells for holding water or sand to increase their weight and stability.

Consider Color

Most people choose colors that they like or that complement an outdoor design scheme they already have in place. However, it’s important to bear in mind that some colors do better under the sun than others. Intense colors like red and yellow are likely to fade after many days in the sun. Of all colors, black is the least likely to fade.

Consider Maintenance

Different materials need different types of maintenance. Wood, for example, needs to be stained and sealed at least every six months, and owners should be prepared for their wood furniture to fade to gray over time. Furniture covered in fabric will need to cleaned and protected. All furniture will need to be hosed down periodically to keep it looking good.

Consider Usage

Finally, think carefully about how much a piece of furniture will really get used. An attractive but under-used item will just become a burden to take care of and store. To learn more about choosing outdoor furniture, visit this site for additional info.