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A Guide on the Effects of CBD Oil Use in Your Body

CBD oil products have been shown to be a solution to many health challenges, such as relieving chronic pain, inflammation, depression, nausea, and even fighting off cancer cells. Many people are however concerned about other effects of CBD oil products on their bodies. The concern is whether CBD oil products cause one to get high and if CBD can show up during a drug test. Herein is a guide to help you understand the effects of CBD oil use in your body.

People are concerned about whether CBD products can get them high. The cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis, and instead of being derived from where you are now, it is extracted from hemp. The compound that is responsible for the feeling of being high is found in marijuana and not in the hemp. The little traces of the THC compound which is responsible for the high feeling that may be available in the hemp are less than 0.3%, and this is so low a percentage to cause you to be high. CBD oil also has a natural ability to block the compound’s ability to activate the receptors that once activated cause the high feeling. The use of CBD oil will consequently not cause you to be high.

People are also concerned about whether CBD will be shown on a drug test. Drug tests may sometimes be required by law, and employers may need them so that they can be sure of maximum productivity and safety in the workplace for employees. Since CBD does not cause any impairment, employers may not have any business with getting a CBD oil drug test. The small traces of THC may show up on a drug test when there is high consumption of CBD products, ranging from 1000 to 2000 mg per day, thus indicating a false positive result. There is a minimal likelihood of getting positive drug test results for THC in CBD products, and even when it is found, the levels cannot meet the federal limit. When you use a CBD product that has 0% THC, it will not test positive on a drug test.

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People are also concerned about how long CBD will stay in the bloodstream. If for example one needs to undergo a medical procedure that requires them to be free of any drugs in their system, one may have to stop taking CBD in that particular season. CBD products stay in the blood for at most one week, and at most two weeks before being eliminated in urine also.

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