Why Professional Roofers Should Install Metal Roofs

It is becoming common for homeowners to choose metal roofs when they need to replace existing materials. Modern metal shingles and panels help make homes more energy efficient and are sold in beautiful colors and styles to match any decorating taste. For best results, they should be installed by experienced roofing contractors. Professionals offer a range of rustproof products. They use methods that secure materials and prevent leaks. Craftsmen can also re-roof without tearing off existing shingles.

Professionals Ensure Metal Roofs Do Not Leak

Poor installation is a leading cause of early roof failure, which is why roofing contractors install every material according to manufacturers’ directions. That is especially important with metal roofing that includes exposed fasteners. When the screws that hold materials are attached improperly, rain pools around them and allows water to seep through. Contractors use sealing compounds around screw heads and ensure that finished roofs won’t leak.

Experts Provide Rust Proof Products

Although it might not seem logical, quality metal roofing materials do not rust. Homeowners with rusting metal roofs often have poor quality, cheap panels. Established roofing companies provide roof panels created from high-grade, coated steel. Panels made by manufacturers like MasterRib are coated with zinc, aluminum, and silicon. Customers can choose unpainted versions that include 30-year warranties. Painted styles often have lifetime warranties. Trusted roofing companies only offer materials that meet the highest standards.

Contractors Can Install Metal Roofs Over Existing Materials

Another reason that metal roofing projects do not make the best DIY projects is that homeowners rarely have the skill to install materials over existing roofs. Many tear off their current materials and begin from scratch. In contrast, contractors install materials over existing roofing whenever possible. Metal is extremely light and durable, making it simple for technicians to install it directly on top of asphalt or cedar. That minimizes waste and saves customers time and inconvenience. Professionals are careful to ensure that every type of installation meets all building codes.

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Beautiful, energy-efficient metal roofs are popular, but they should be professionally installed. Contractors offer high-grade materials and can ensure new roofs won’t leak. In many cases, they are also able to avoid tearing off existing roofs and can install metal panels on top of the existing roofing materials.